What do you find sexy in a man? Who’s your fantasy man? When you write a book about a secret society of women that recruits fantasy men, people are going to ask you this question. So here goes. There are two men who “do it for me”. This blog post concerns Fantasy Man Number One: Louis C.K. Obviously I don’t know the guy, but I’m a fan. Not just the “laughing-at-the-back-of-a-comedy-club” type fan. I’m a fan of how hard he works to be humane and funny, smart and funny, compassionate and funny, honest and funny. It’s so easy just to be funny at any and all expense. The Internet is built upon that shoddy foundation. But it’s damn hard to weave a bit of kindness into the joke, because it requires that you approach your work like a grown up and not take the easy route, ever. And that kindness shows through, becoming deeply sexy, thereby completely mitigating what he might find unattractive about himself. He calls himself out for not being traditionally handsome, (in the same vein as S.E.C.R.E.T. men) but even that’s sexy because he does it in such a funny (non-self-loathing) way. This man is sexy because he’s had to learn to be comfortable in his own skin. He wasn’t born that way. And he wears it well. Plus he seems to genuinely like women–when they’re not scaring the hell out of him.

I wish more S.E.C.R.E.T. readers were into red-headed, pasty-skinned, paunchy, freckled, morose, funny thinkers, with stained shirts, because I’ll tell you, if I opened the door of the Mansion and found Louis C.K. sitting on a firm sofa surrounded by a lot of big pillows, cable TV, take-out sushi and a bowl of microwave popcorn, I’d be a very happy candidate. Send me your thoughts on what you find sexy in a man via Twitter @secretnovels or Facebook /thesecretnovels

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